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Blue Lotus Chai Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Masala Chai?

A. Masala Chai is traditionally a milk tea that has been made by blending and brewing spices with a black tea. After it is strained, it is served sweetened and generally mixed with hot milk. The tradition goes on from India and Tibet to many middle eastern countries. Our "Traditional Masala Chai" is a true brewed black tea that has been naturally flash dried to a powder and blended with six organic spices to make a balanced and delicious chai. There is no steeping or straining necessary with our chai as it completely dissolves in hot liquid.

Q. So… I have tried lots of instant chais and usually they are over-sweetened and pumpkin-pie tasting. What makes Blue Lotus Chai different?

A. We took a lot of care in developing our formulas. They are extremely well balanced and pleasing to a wide variety of tastes. We are always delighted to offer a taste of our chai to someone like you who has become jaded…just to see the great reaction!

Q. Are there any health benefits from drinking your Masala Chai?

A. Yes, each component has scientifically proven health benefits…we encourage you to read our page Health Benefits

Q. How many calories are in Blue Lotus Chai?

A. There are no calories until you add a sweetener or milk to the chai powder.

Q. Is Blue Lotus Chai vegan and gluten free?

A. Yes, and it can be prepared with alternative milks and sweeteners for those who are sensitive to milk-lactose and sugar. Many people are using their favorite alternative milk with our chai such as almond, soy, rice, coconut, etc. We suggest that you add more milk than water with thinner milks for maximum yummy creaminess!

Q. Oh come on…does it really only take 1/4 teaspoon of your chai to make an 8 ounce cup?

A. Yep, we swear it's true!

Q. Is there any caffeine in Blue Lotus Chai?

A. Yes, because our Traditional Masala Chai is black tea based; there is approximately 15%, or 1/7 of the caffeine in coffee. That means you would have to drink seven cups of our chai to equal the amount of caffeine in the same size cup of coffee. BLC actually has less caffeine than black or green leaf tea.

Q. Do you have any plans to make a caffeine-free version of your Masala Chai?

A. Yes, since September 2012 we are happy to be able to offer our delicious Rooibos Masala chai, which is naturally caffeine free.

Q. Can I buy Blue Lotus Chai wholesale?

A. Yes, if you have a bona fide retail business, restaurant or café with a federal and state tax ID number and meet our requirements to become one of our wholesale clients. For more information call 541.683.6391 or e-mail

Q. Can I buy Blue Lotus Chai in bulk, re-label and or repackage it for sale under another name?

A. Sorry, you may not. We worked hard to come up with our proprietary blend and are proud of its uniqueness. When you've met our requirements as a retailer, you may sell it in bulk, properly labeled as Blue Lotus Chai, in your store.

Q. How can we get our local grocery store to carry Blue Lotus Chai?

A. Most stores will be interested in suggestions for products from their customers. You can ask to talk with a manager or grocery buyer and give them your feedback on BLC. Or let us know the name of your favorite store. Or check out our Retail Store Webpage. There is a link to a printable letter that you can give or mail to a buyer. We really appreciate your loyalty to our chai!

Q. Can you cook or bake with Blue Lotus Chai?

A. Absolutely! Because our chai dissolves completely in hot water it lends itself beautifully to cooking. Lots of BLC fans are sending us pictures and descriptions of dishes they have come up with. The sky is the limit! We will eventually run a contest for the best recipes and ideas in several catagories and post all of the recipes on our website for your chai using pleasure. Creative cooks have made everything from apple pie to ice cream to pancakes to glazed chicken. Even mixed drinks…try Bailey's Cream Chai…

Q. How about BLCC's packaging? Do you try to keep sustainability in mind?

A. For starters, we have purposely designed our top selling 3oz. tins to be re-useable and re-fillable. We sell in bulk sections of many stores to encourage people to re-fill their tins. We designed the tins without a paper label and printed directly on the can, which saves on paper. We made the tins beautiful which hopefully will encourage people to re-use them for chai or other things. Even the ¼ tsp. measuring spoons in each container are made from renewable bamboo. We are currently re-designing our ½ lotus packs to be even more fully biodegradable.

We package our 1lb. and 5lb. bags of chai for bulk buyers, in fully compostable bags made of a revolutionary material that is designed to break down in water or a back yard compost pile, leaving a bit of plant food behind. We are continuously researching compostable labels, inks and label glue. You would think that it would be simple to find, but, so far we have only been able to find the ink in an organic version. (We think someone could and should start a serviceful and profitable business offering compostable labels and glue!) We also recycle everything that we possibly can and re-use packing materials.

Q. Are the numbers on the bottom of the tins expiration dates?

A. No, they are blending batch and packaging lot numbers to track our chai.

Q. What is the shelf life of your chai?

A. It is two years if kept in our original containers (or a sealed container). Light, moisture, air and heat can degrade some of the subtle flavors of the spices in chai over time.

We love to get your questions and comments…please contact us about ANYTHING at