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Happy National Chai Day! ⚡️Honey Chai Latte⚡️ #recipe #video

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Happy National Chai Day! So let’s make a ⚡️Honey Chai Latte⚡️ Using Blue Lotus Chai! This is a simple way to make a delicious chai latte using our sofi award-winning Star Anise Masala Chai variety. For ingredients, you will need Blue Lotus Chai’s Star Anise Masala Chai masala chai powder, honey, whole milk , and hot water. You can download this recipe here: https://BlueLotusChai.com/celebrate This recipe makes an 8 oz cup (link to purchase is at the bottom). Directions: 1. In a saucepan, warm 4 oz whole milk. Whisk if you like it foamy. 2. In a mug add 4 oz hot water, rounded ¼ tsp Blue Lotus Chai – Star Anise Masala Chai and stir. 3. Add warmed milk and 1-2 tsp honey. Sweeten until the spices ‘pop’. Sprinkle with a touch of Star Anise Masala Chai! 4. Drink and ENJOY! ☕️😋❤️🤗☕️😋❤️🤗☕️😋❤️🤗☕️😋❤️🤗 Follow here to subscribe: @bluelotuschai 👉 https://bit.ly/chaiblc 👈 or your local store #recipe #chai #masalachai #recipes #chailatte #diy #sofiawards #vegoutla

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