Photos/Logos (High Resolution)

blc_logos-square-outlined LOGOS (.zip file) This is a zip file of different sized logos for you to use, most are print ready.
Product Photos PRODUCT PHOTOS (Hi-Res, 40MB .zip file) This is a zip file of pictures of our 13 SKUs (high resolution).
blc_logos-square-outlinedFOUNDER/OWNERS PICTURES (web-optimized, 2MB .zip file) This is a zip file of pictures of the Founder and Owners, web-optimized, but not print ready.
Blue Lotus Chai Text TEXT BUNDLE (.zip files & PDFs) A summary of Blue Lotus Chai’s history, story, product descriptions, hash tags and more, for use in your social media/article/ads.
Blue Lotus Chai in 50 secondsBlue Lotus Chai Video (50MB .zip file)   This 50 second video is perfect for upload to Instagram. For embedding this video into your blog or Facebook post, please use this link: