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National Pumpkin Day – Craft

Mini pumpkins make excellent mugs for your steamy hot chai! It’s National Pumpkin Day and here at Blue Lotus Chai, we decided to put a creative spin on our classic cup of chai.⁠

If you want to recreate this fun project for a festive gathering the steps are simple: ⁠
🍂 use store-bought or home-grown mini pumpkins⁠
🍂 wash the pumpkins thoroughly to remove all dirt and germs from the store and field⁠
🍂 remove the top and hollow out the inside and remove pulp just like a regular jack-o-lantern⁠
🍂 prepare your Blue Lotus Chai your way!⁠
🍂 pour it into your pumpkins and enjoy 🎃⁠

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