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Non-Profit of The Month – August – First Place Kids

Non-Profit of The Month - Aug - First Place Kids

For August 2019, we’re pleased to honor Clayton Pauer, our Head of Customer Service. He’s been with BLC for 2 years. We appreciate his great sense of humor and how he always makes our customers feel special. Clayton has chosen First Place Kids as our Non-Profit of the Month. They will receive an in-kind & cash donation.

First Place Kids preschool provides families living in extreme poverty with access to zero-barrier, high-quality, trauma-informed care for children ages 0-5. The preschool is uniquely located within their First Place Family Center — a refuge and supportive place for Lane County families who are temporarily homeless or at risk of losing their homes due to job loss, health issues, or other critical circumstances. This program reaches Lane County’s most vulnerable children: a population that is often hidden from plain view, overlooked, and unable to participate in other programs that benefit low-income populations. For more information or to donate please visit: https://www.svdp.us/news/article/first-place-early-childhood-program/

For more information about how Blue Lotus Chai supports our community, please visit www.bluelotuschai.com/community

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