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Non-Profit of the Month – August 2021 – Regeneration International

August’s nonprofit! This month we’re pleased to honor Milah Jayanti, Project Specialist. We are grateful for Milah’s creativity and organizational skills. Milah has chosen Regeneration International, who will receive an in-kind & cash donation.⁠
Regeneration International’s mission is to promote, facilitate and accelerate the global transition to regenerative food, farming and land management for the purpose of restoring climate stability, ending world hunger and rebuilding deteriorated social, ecological and economic systems. Their vision is a healthy global ecosystem in which practitioners of regenerative agriculture and land use, in concert with consumers, educators, business leaders and policymakers, cool the planet, feed the world and restore public health, prosperity and peace on a global scale. To join us in donating visit: https://regenerationinternational.org⁠

For more information about how Blue Lotus Chai supports our community, please visit www.bluelotuschai.com/community⁠

#regenerative #sustainability #regenerativeagriculture #climatechange⁠


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