Environmental Practices

Blue Lotus Chai Company is committed to strong ethics; excellent service; environmental stewardship and conservation; and longstanding mutually supportive relationships with our staff, customers, and vendors. In support of these values and goals, we have incorporated a number of environmental practices.


  • Our tins our are beautiful, reusable, and refillable. They are designed without a paper label, saving paper and trees, and can be recycled when no longer useful
  • The quarter teaspoon scoop in each tin and pouch is made from renewable bamboo
  • Our bulk bags are made by TekPak and are Omnidegradable©
  • Every serving of Blue Lotus Chai is one less tea bag, string, and staple in the waste stream
  • All printing utilizes soy inks and post-consumer paper stock

Office Resources

  • We reuse paper for in-office use, and by default, print on both sides of paper
  • We purchase 100% post-consumer paper for our printer/copiers
  • We reuse packing material and recycle everything that we possibly can
  • We have installed power strips to lessen the trickle draining of electricity
  • We utilize non-toxic cleaning items in our day-to-day activities

Water Conservation

Facility Infrastructure Improvements: We have added high-efficiency and low water consumption plumbing fixtures throughout our facility. The fixtures result in decreasing water consumption by 20-38% per year. 

Sustainable Drinking Water: Our facility has two drinking water bottle refill dispensers, staff are encouraged to use refillable water bottles, zero single-use water bottle container use is the goal. All water is locally sourced.

Native Plants

In our commitment to environmental sustainability we have chosen to landscape with native plants. Native plants are adapted to the local climate and soil conditions, are beneficial in that they provide shelter and food wildlife, promote biodiversity, generally do not require the application of any pesticides or fertilizer and require less water.


We encourage carpooling and biking for our team members, as well as remote working situations when possible

We have a fuel-efficient company vehicle with higher MPGs than traditional delivery trucks