Blue Lotus Chai Receives
2019 sofi™ Silver Award For Their Traditional Masala Chai

Blue Lotus Chai Receives Silver sofi™ Award For Their Traditional Masala Chai Flagship Variety Traditional Masala Chai Wins Tea Category

We are so honored, thrilled and deeply grateful to be receiving the 2019 sofi™ Silver Award for our Traditional Masala Chai, our very first product, launched in 2010. The SFA has been presenting sofi™ Awards for forty seven years (dubbed by Bloomberg as “the Oscars of Artisanal Foods”) and recognizes innovation and taste in the world of food. To all our extended friends and family around the world, thank you for your support! WOOHOO!!! ❤️❤️❤️🎉 🎉🎉 #sofiawards #specialtyfoodassociation


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Blue Lotus Chai Receives
2019 sofi™ Silver Award For Their Traditional Masala Chai
Flagship Variety “Traditional Masala Chai” Wins Tea Category


On May 1st, Blue Lotus Chai Company’s Traditional Masala Chai received the Specialty Food Association’s 2019 sofi™ Silver Award for innovation and taste in the 47th edition of these annual awards, dubbed by Bloomberg as “the Oscars of Artisanal Foods”.

“We’re so honored and thrilled,” said Blue Lotus Chai Company founder and co-owner Barbara Cameron, upon receiving the news of the award. “So many thanks to our beloved team for their dedication and our customers for their wonderful support.”

Judge and chef Jerry James Stone noted, “With chai, a lot of times there’s so many spices going on that it just runs in one direction or another; it’s like so much ginger, or so much clove, and this [Traditional Masala Chai] was really well balanced.” Also judging was author and chef Sara Moulton who agreed “…it was delicious…really yummy!”

Owned by Barbara and Stephan Cameron, Blue Lotus Chai Company is based in Eugene, Oregon. They first released their Traditional Masala Chai over nine years ago and have since expanded the line to comprise of six varieties packaged in three-ounce tins and half-ounce pouches, which can be found in grocery stores, co-ops, natural food chains and restaurants throughout the United States.

That balanced profile and taste is exactly what Barbara Cameron set out to create over nine years ago when she founded Blue Lotus Chai Company, beginning with the flagship variety Traditional Masala Chai. After many trips to and travels throughout India, she would return to Oregon with a desire for the well-balanced, authentic Indian style chai she had come to love. Over time, the hour-long ritual of grinding spices and pressing ginger eventually became too time-consuming of a daily activity and the need for something that could be prepared on demand became clear.

Blue Lotus Chai Company’s unique hot water soluble chai powder allows anyone to make a cup of delicious and authentic Indian style chai in seconds, using the milk and sweetener of one’s choosing.

All varieties of Blue Lotus Chai feature organic spices, are Non-GMO Project Verified, and are free from sweeteners, milk powders, additives and preservatives. For more information about Blue Lotus Chai Company, or to locate a retailer near you, visit

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