Everything about Blue Lotus is perfect…thank you for making such a delicious product.
S. B.
Smitten with this…
Vegetarian Times, Editor/Staff Choice
…yummy, goodness that makes my tummy warm!
I appreciate the speed with which I can prepare my morning drink when using Blue Lotus Chai…and that it is made by friends!
I just started drinking Blue Lotus Chai a few months ago after years of making & steeping my own chai. I’m very, very, very happy that I now have a quick, non-caffeinated chai that reminds my heart and soul of my time in India!
S. F.
…Because it’s brewed with love I love Rooibos blend!
I LOVE Blue Lotus Chai. Thank you for saving the world from the abomination of overly sweetened chai.
A. K.
This is absolutely delicious! Blue Lotus Chai is the best chai I have had by far! 2 cups a day… can’t live without it…
Z. B.
I love Maca & Turmeric, & have been adding them to my tea…was so excited when I saw your Golden Masala Chai. These 2 roots in combination w/ the Blue Lotus Chai spices is perfect.
This is my favorite tea, it is the ONLY chai tea I want to drink nothing else compares… Mmmmm.
C. S.
Laura Deikel
Your Chai is AMAZING! I have been searching for the perfect Chai for years…until I found Blue Lotus Chai! It is a perfect marriage of spices & tea…you let us consumers choose how strong/how sweet & what milk to use! The perfect personal chai blend!
…it’s not sweetened, allowing the consumer to make it as strong as they like without drowning in corn syrup – I cannot overstate how important that is.
OMG!!! This is the greatest chai that has ever existed…Not only are the spices perfect…but you have actual SPICINESS – a key quality that seems to be missing in every single brand.
Anonymous Chai Concentrate Refugee

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For 2nd Consecutive Year, BLC Receives sofi™ Award

Awarded 2020 sofi™ Bronze (Tea Category) For Star Anise Masala Chai, Following 2019 sofi™ Silver Win.

For The 2nd Consecutive Year Blue Lotus Chai Receives sofi™ Award; 2020 Bronze For Star Anise Masala Chai, Following 2019 Silver Win

“For the 2nd year in a row, we are so deeply grateful to be receiving the sofi™ , this time a Bronze for our Star Anise Masala Chai. Dubbed by Bloomberg as “the Oscars of Artisanal Foods”, the sofi™ award recognizes innovation and taste in the world of food.”

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Medium.com (Authority-Magazine) – Women of the C-Suite: Barbara Cameron of BLC on The 5 Things You Need To Succeed as a Senior Executive

Medium.com - Women of the C-Suite, Barbara Cameron of Blue Lotus Chai on The 5 Things You Need To Succeed as a Senior Executive - By Phil La Duke

“I believe that what we do in general as a group in our business goes deeper than creating a great chai. We strive to elevate others in whatever ways we interact. We’re trying to be part of a new paradigm of how businesses operate …”

Link to Full Article By Phil La Duke at medium.com…

Pursuitist.com – Ways to Make Quarantine More Enjoyable

Ways to Make Quarantine More Enjoyable: Develop a morning tea ritual, article from the pursuitist.com

“…develop a tea ritual. One beautiful option is Blue Lotus Chai, an authentic “Masala Chai” free of additives, sweeteners, and milk powder…Easy to make, and sip while enjoying your morning.”

Link to Full Article By Kimberly Fisher…

Register Guard (Tastings) – Blue Lotus Chai Produces Authentic Indian Chai Tea Blends

Blue Lotus Chai featured in Register Guard

“…Stirred into hot water, it dissolves quickly… It’s creamy, bold, but not in an overpowering way. It’s a taste of India, through and through.”

Link to Full Article By Christine Sherk…

Blue Lotus Chai Receives 2019 Silver sofi™ Award For Their Traditional Masala Chai

Flagship Variety “Traditional Masala Chai” Wins Tea Category

Blue Lotus Chai Receives 2019 Silver sofi™ Award For Their Traditional Masala Chai

“…Judge and chef Jerry James Stone noted, ‘With chai, a lot of times there’s so many spices going on that it just runs in one direction or another; it’s like so much ginger, or so much clove, and this (Traditional Masala Chai) was really well balanced.’ Also judging was author and chef Sara Moulton who agreed ‘…it was delicious…really yummy!'”

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Blue Lotus Chai On LinkedIn:

More Exciting Innovations at the
Winter Fancy Food Show 2020

Blue Lotus Chai On LinkedIn
Blue Lotus Chai On LinkedIn

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Blue Lotus Chai in NY TIMES MAGAZINE:

Ana Kras, “New York Design Star of the Moment”,
Describes Her Detox Potion

Ana Kras - New York Times article - Blue Lotus Chai

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Vegetarian Times Raves About Blue Lotus Chai

“Smitten with” Traditional Masala Chai

Vegetarian Times Magazine Review of Blue Lotus Chai December 2011

“…VT staffers were smitten with this gift-worthy treat, tasting of ginger root and black pepper; as a bonus the package includes a cute little bamboo scoop. Buy it!”

Vegetarian Times Magazine
December 2011

BRIT & CO Raves About Blue Lotus Chai

“We’re Sipping This Hot Drink All Season Long”

Andrea Riordan · Oct 13, 2018
Brit and Co article on Blue Lotus Chai

“If pumpkin spice is the taste of the fall season, then chai is the essence. Though there are plenty of options on the market, one of our favorites of all time happens to be instant, so you can get cozy ever-so-quickly…we feel pretty strongly that tea fiends will adore this beverage.”

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Blue Lotus Chai Masala Chai Mention By Jill Nussinow MS  RD at theveggiequeen.com“…Tea is still hot…And I had some really tasty chai from a company that has been around a long time: Blue Lotus Chai.”


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@theveggiequeen1 , www.theveggiequeen.com


Blue Lotus Chai Masala Chai Review By Ann Felteau at annfelteau.com“…No Added Sugar – Thank You Very Much!… How great is it that Blue Lotus Chai is just a blend of spices inspired from the founder’s decades of travel in India…great for someone like me that can’t tolerate dairy or a diabetic that is avoiding sugar.”


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@anningolden , www.annfelteau.com


Blue Lotus Chai Golden Masala Chai Review By Bianca of Vegancrunk.com“…Enter Blue Lotus Chai — a powdered chai that needs no steeping. Just add it to hot water and plant milk, stir, and drink…Now, they’ve added a new one to the mix — Golden Masala Chai.”



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@BiancaPhilips , Vegancrunk.blogspot.com


KATU Holiday Gift Ideas With Julie Hasson , featuring Blue Lotus ChaiFeatured on KATU’s HOLIDAY Gifts Segment with Julie Hasson
Tuesday, December 8th, 2015.