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Unsung Heroes: Occupy Medical and The Wheeler Unhoused Medical Respite

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Here at Blue Lotus Chai Company, we're deeply grateful to all the people who are stepping up and helping in their own way during this pandemic. We're going to be sharing with you some of these unsung heroes over the coming weeks. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️ Occupy Medical and The Wheeler Unhoused Medical Respite (Project Manager – Sue Sierralupe) : In our hometown of Eugene, Oregon, Occupy Medical is working with Lane County Public Health to offer The Wheeler Unhoused Medical Respite as a temporary Shelter In Place site for unhoused residents that are symptomatic of COVID19. They have transformed the Wheeler Pavilion at the Lane County Fairgrounds into a health sanctuary. The staff checks vitals twice daily, offers food, showers, laundry service and a clean, quiet recovery space while people self-quarantine. Occupy Medical is a 501c3 that survives entirely on grants and donations from the community they serve. In addition to financial help, they need pillows, twin fitted sheets, reusable grocery bags, isopropyl alcohol, a full sized refrigerator and men's shoes, belts, tshirts, shorts and pants in a variety of sizes. To support this project, please use their PayPal account at www.occupy-medical.org or send checks to: Occupy Medical PO Box 50354 Eugene, OR 97405

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