Masala Chai traditionnel

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Gagnant du sofi d' argent 2019. Masala Chai traditionnel est le Blue Lotus Chai original, fabriqué à partir du meilleur thé infusé du nord de l'Inde et savamment mélangé avec nos six épices biologiques emblématiques. Avec sa saveur profonde et véritablement authentique et sa facilité de préparation étonnante, ce produit phare fait désormais partie du rythme quotidien de nombreux foyers. Déguster c'est croire !

Chaque boîte et pochette est livrée avec une cuillère en bambou.
Les boîtes sont des sacs réutilisables et en vrac par T ekPak sont Omnidégradables©

Naturally brewed and flash-dried black tea powder, 100% Certified Organic powdered spices: ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves.

Blue Lotus Chai is unsweetened with no milk powders, artificial ingredients, or preservatives. Non-GMO Certified, Gluten Free, and Vegan.

No major allergens are present in this product. No major allergens are processed or stored at our facility.

"Best chai ever! I like the fact that this product is not sweetened. I can add sweetener of my choice and control the quantity. Nice and spicy. I can't order chai lattés from coffee shops anymore, because they all pail in comparison to this chai!!"

"So. Yum. My mom let me try hers a couple weeks ago & it was an immediate yes from me. I love chai tea but hate buying them from coffee shops because they’re usually stuffed with sugar. I add a small scoop of stevia & some cream & it’s heaven! I’ve recommended it to all my friends!"

"I'm very particular about my chai and this is my go-to.  There is no sweet, weird flavor with it, just spicy goodness and because it's a powder, can be as spicy as you like.  Also wasn't sure about it being a powder, but you cannot tell.  It's delicious."

"This makes delicious tea, but more often I use it to spice my oatmeal. (Old fashioned oats, chai, shredded coconut, walnuts, raisins, chopped dates, and local honey.) It is absolutely scrumptious!!"

"The best you can get without making it from scratch, and I'm VERY picky about chai."

"Best chai ever. Very good. Put in my coffee with vanilla creamer. Love the flavor."

Blue Lotus Chai Serving Directions

For an 8-ounce cup, dissolve ¼ teaspoon Blue Lotus Chai in 4 ounces hot water. Add 4 ounces milk of your choice, 1-2 teaspoons sweetener of choice, heat, and enjoy.

Iced Blue Lotus Chai Serving Directions

Dissolve ¼ teaspoon Blue Lotus Chai in 2 tablespoons hot water. Add 4 ounces cold water, 4 ounces milk of choice, 1-2 teaspoons sweetener of choice, and ice. Frappe in blender and enjoy.