Meet Our New Director of Operations

            Meet Our New Director of Operations

Finding Her Work Home

We're absolutely thrilled to introduce Cyndi Trevisiol as our newest Director of Operations here at Blue Lotus Chai! Cyndi, a remarkable consultant and coach, recently joined our chai family and immediately felt right at home. Recognizing the perfect fit between her skills and our mission, she eagerly embraced the opportunity to contribute her talents to our team.

More About Cyndi

She brings experience as a consultant and manager from the biotech manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries, but is happy to be learning something new every day after switching to the food industry. (And drinking lots of delicious Chai!)

Her favorite Blue Lotus Chai preparation is currently the Organic Matcha Masala Chai (admittedly 2 scoops!) with soy milk and brown sugar – as a toddler mom, she enjoys the clean energy boost on the weekends from a cup of spiced matcha. Outside of work she is often spending time with family working in the garden, getting out for a hike, or playing soccer. 

Celebrating a New Chapter

As we welcome Cyndi Trevisiol into the Blue Lotus Chai family, we're filled with anticipation for the incredible journey ahead. With her leadership guiding our operations, we're poised to achieve remarkable success while staying true to the values of integrity, quality, and customer satisfaction that are the heart and soul of Blue Lotus Chai. Cheers to this new chapter!