Our Story

A Taste of Tradition

Blue Lotus Chai was born from a passion for delicious, authentic masala chai. Our founder, Barbara Cameron, developed a deep connection to India that began in the 70s through a spiritual journey, which led to annual pilgrimages.

Always in search of the perfect cup, she was inspired to create a product that honored the essence of these experiences.

Crafted from Passion

Back home, Barbara aimed to craft a chai that would satisfy even the most ardent chai lovers. One that was quick and easy to prepare, pure and authentic, affordable and versatile. Returning to India, a source for naturally flash-dried brewed tea was found, and organic spices were sampled to narrow down the most quality and robust flavors. With all ingredients sourced, Barbara refined the recipe to perfection.

A Lasting Legacy

The result? Our beloved flagship blend, Traditional Masala Chai, marking the birth of Blue Lotus Chai Company in February 2010.Over a decade later, we maintain our commitment to authentic, innovative masala chai blends—free of artificial ingredients or added sugars.

We invite you to try for yourself (tasting is believing!) and join us in our mission to change the way the world drinks chai, one quarter-teaspoon at a time.


Blue Lotus Chai has been handcrafting the best masala chai for over a decade. Through the years, we’ve remained steadfast in our commitment to serving the greater good. Without our broader vision, or our loyal customers, we wouldn’t be the unique family company we are today.