Star Anise Masala Chai

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Winner of the 2020 sofiTM Bronze Award, our Star Anise Masala Chai blend has won praise from new chai drinkers and seasoned chai aficionados alike. Featuring all of the signature Blue Lotus Chai spices, with the addition of star anise contributing rich and subtle licorice notes, this masala chai has prompted many to claim it as the best cup of chai they've ever had!

Each tin & pouch comes with a bamboo spoon.
Tins are reusable & bulk bags by TekPak are Omnidegradable©

Naturally brewed and flash-dried black tea powder, ginger root powder*, ground cardamom*, ground black pepper*, powdered star anise*, powdered cinnamon (cassia)*, ground nutmeg*, ground cloves*

*Organic Ingredient

Naturally Caffeinated

Blue Lotus Chai is unsweetened with no milk powders, artificial ingredients, or preservatives. Non-GMO Certified, Gluten Free, and Vegan.

No major allergens are present in this product. No major allergens are processed or stored at our facility.

"Delicious cup of tea. If you like anise flavored anything, you'll enjoy a nice hot cup of Blue Lotus Chai's Star Anise Masala Chai. Very soothing. And a good value, too.

"Good flavor. A family favorite."

"Nice spicy flavor for dirty chai. I like the spiciness of this star anise chai. I put it in my coffee for dirty chai, some almond milk and a little agave. I’m on my 3rd can."

"Love this. I'd be lost without my Star Anise Masala Chai. Delicious! I use stevia as a sweetener and a splash of milk after I heat it up. Sometimes I add a bit of cayenne pepper to add some zing."

"The flavor is amazing. For me, this by far has been the best "instant" tea. The flavor is amazing. I have used it alone, in coffee, in cookie dough, and pumpkin pie. Just delicious. And a little goes a long way."

"This chai is AMAZING. I absolutely love this chai! I love the fact that it comes unsweetened and it ultimately gives you the control to sweeten it to your liking. If you like a spicy chai, it’s definitely worth trying. I’ll probably never drink a Starbucks chai after having this because it really packs in the full chai spice experience!"

Blue Lotus Chai Serving Directions

For an 8-ounce cup, dissolve ¼ teaspoon Blue Lotus Chai in 4 ounces hot water. Add 4 ounces milk of your choice, 1-2 teaspoons sweetener of choice, heat, and enjoy.


Iced Blue Lotus Chai Serving Directions

Dissolve ¼ teaspoon Blue Lotus Chai in 2 tablespoons hot water. Add 4 ounces cold water, 4 ounces milk of choice, 1-2 teaspoons sweetener of choice, and ice. Frappe in blender and enjoy.