Our Story

Blue Lotus Chai was born in 2010, out of an abiding love and respect for all things India, including their authentic sweetly spiced tea—masala chai. By way of her own spiritual journey, our Founder, Barbara Cameron, spent years traveling back and forth on pilgrimage to India finding great comfort in the people, the land, and the chai. When she returned home to the States, every morning she ground her own spices, boiling them with black tea in order to continue that experience of warmth, sweetness, and comfort.

Eventually Barbara was determined to create a clean, pure product that was still the kind of masala chai that would satisfy even the most ardent chai lover. She wanted something easy and quick to prepare, affordable, and versatile enough to meet a wide spectrum of dietary needs and lifestyles. She went back to India and ardently looked for the best possible source of naturally flash-dried brewed tea. She then sampled many different organic spices and at last arrived at the perfect blend of quality ingredients and robust, lively flavors. The result was our flagship product—Traditional Masala Chai—and the birth of the Blue Lotus Chai Company.

Ten years later, Blue Lotus Chai has seven varieties and plans to continue to expand our line of authentic chai. From the beginning, Barbara’s most deeply felt hope was for Blue Lotus Chai to radiate good into the world. The team of people working here – in many ways a family – now carry that vision forward. Along with the sense of comfort and peace that our chai brings to those who drink it, we are committed to finding ways to give back and support our local, national, and international communities. Through these elements— spreading peace and giving back—we believe that every cup of our masala chai sends out a bit of goodness.

Our Chai

Our Chai is made with the highest quality of ingredients. Our black tea comes from the finest growers of black tea in India. Our Rooibos, from the highest quality tea farms in South Africa. All of our spices are grown organically, free of pesticides, by farmers who care about every step of the cultivation process.

Traditionally, Indian-style masala chai typically uses whole milk and is made from scratch with freshly ground spices. However, here in the United States, many cafes, restaurants, and stores offer chai as a pre-mixed liquid concentrate or syrup, and is generally filled with all sorts of sweeteners, artificial ingredients, preservatives and fillers…but not so with Blue Lotus Chai!

All the teas used in Blue Lotus Chai are flash dried in order to easily dissolve in hot water, while maintaining the taste and originality of the tea leaves themselves. This means that there’s no steeping or straining, and no waste from tea bags or cartons. Simply stir Blue Lotus Chai into hot water, add your favorite milk and sweetener, sip… and savor.

Our Family

Our Blue Lotus Chai Family is made up of an eclectic group of individuals from many walks of life and all bring different perspectives, experiences, creativity, insight and wisdom to our work. The common thread, we have found, is that we all share a love of people, service, human dignity, respect for the Earth and her creatures - and chai!

Most central to our work at Blue Lotus Chai is creating experiences of appreciation, joy and excellence. Each of us feels strongly about ensuring our chai is of the highest quality, and that our customers and partners are given the best possible experience and service. We believe strongly in our values of product excellence, ethical business, sustainability and stewardship, respect, and compassion, and living a healthy, enjoyable life. We look forward to our family growing, and to all the ways in which we interact with our larger Blue Lotus Chai community.

Our Mission & Values

The mission of Blue Lotus Chai is to spread love. We strive to nourish individuals and inspire clean living by providing the highest quality masala chai. Our values include: 
  • Ethical business practices and stewardship
  • Promoting mutual respect, kindness, compassion and teamwork
  • Excellence in product, excellence in service
  • Giving back to our local, national, and international communities
  • We endeavor to serve people and the planet by providing the highest quality masala chai, produced as sustainably as possible, to nourish the body, mind, and soul. We value long term relationships with customers and vendors and are committed to meeting needs with reliability, pride, and care. We strive for sustainability, endeavor to minimize waste, and maintain an emphasis of sales of bulk chai to reduce packaging. Most importantly, we work to express our appreciation and care through all of our actions, and all our products.