Food Service

Thank you to the Food Service Industry

Our Blue Lotus Chai Team deeply appreciates all the hard work, care and customer service that individuals in the Food Service industry offer day after day.

We know that you offer nourishment, comfort, and routine in an out-of-control world. We appreciate your commitment to take the time to serve delicious, high quality food and beverages. We know that what can seem like a small thing, is an important part of the day for so many.


Many of our customers & Food Service partners have delighted in the discovery of how delicious it can be to add Blue Lotus Chai in not only smoothies and hot drinks like coffee and hot chocolate, but baked goods like doughnuts, muffins and scones as well. Below are a number of materials that we hope you find helpful in serving Blue Lotus Chai.

Instructional Videos

How to Prepare a 16oz Blue Lotus Chai