Our Story

The Blue Lotus Chai story was born of a love for India and a passion for the delicious, authentic spiced tea called masala chai. A deep connection to this ancient land began in the 70’s through a personal spiritual journey, ultimately leading me to travel to India on pilgrimage, returning year after year.

Last TeaThroughout these travels, on back roads and in every village, seemingly ever-present was the “chai wallah”. Always searching for that perfect cup of chai, I visited tea stands across the dusty plains, along the banks of the sacred Ganges, on trains crisscrossing the country, even savoring a cup high in the Himalayan peaks at “The Last Tea Shop in India”. The variety was endless, as each chai wallah had his own interpretation of the perfect brew.

At home in the US, we were determined to create a product that would satisfy the tastes of the most ardent chai lover, be easy and quick to prepare, and a clean, pure product. We wanted to make it economically available to everyone and versatile enough to meet a limitless variety of dietary needs.

GangesAfter traveling to India again and painstakingly locating a source for naturally flash-dried brewed tea, we set about the process of experimentation, carefully refining the recipe until we felt it met our admittedly high standards of “deliciousness”. Organic spices were sampled until we found the finest quality with the most lively and robust flavors. The result was Traditional Masala Chai, our flagship product.

And thus, in February 2010, Blue Lotus Chai Company was born.

Barbara and StephanIn early 2011, my husband Stephan left his thriving construction business to join Blue Lotus Chai Company full time. What a joy! As co-owners, we have quickly moved into ever-widening circles, introducing fantastic new varieties and cherishing our roles as western chai wallahs. Our deeply felt hope is that our company will be a great source for good in the world. We are donating a portion of our net profits to organizations that we support and we strive to be an active member of our own community. We hope that you will join our ever-expanding Blue Lotus Chai family! We invite you to visit us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where there will be lots of opportunities to be in touch with us.

Love and blessings,
Barbara Cameron