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RECIPE! Golden Milk Chai Latte, Blue Lotus Chai Style, Made Quick and Easy

In the last few years, turmeric has made a real name for itself; not just because of the slew of benefits that comes with it but because of all the inventive recipes people have incorporated into it. From pastries to smoothies to coating your favorite vegetables, there are many ways to play around with the spice, but one of the most popularized delights has been the Golden Milk Chai Latte.

Turmeric isn’t going away. Our Golden Masala Chai variety contains organic spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger root powder that leaves you feeling energized and comforted while keeping the Golden Milk Latte quick and easy.

Serve hot or cold with your favorite pastries or comfort food and enjoy.

RECIPE: Blue Lotus Chai Golden Milk Chai Latte

2 ½ ounces coconut milk
2 ½ ounces almond milk
3 oz hot water
1 tsp MCT oil
1/4 rounded tsp Blue Lotus Chai – Golden Masala Chai
your favorite sweetener
optional: whipped topping (vegan, etc.)

In a saucepan, warm and stir
coconut milk, almond milk, and MCT oil.
Whisk if you like it foamy.
In a mug add hot water, Blue Lotus Chai’s Golden Masala Chai,
and favorite sweetener.
Sweeten until the spices ‘pop’.
Add milk foam from saucepan to top off mug.
As an extra treat, add whipped topping, and
sprinkle with a touch of Golden Masala Chai!


This Masala Chai Golden Milk Latte is the perfect pick me up to tide you over while waiting for your next meal, with good fats keeping your stomach happy and satisfied.

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